Tbilisi residents ask to save the stadium and tennis courts from destruction

Residents of Tbilisi have created a petition asking to save sports facilities located in the prestigious Vake district of the capital, manifesti reported on September 27. ge.

The petition states that the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia intends to transfer to private hands a land plot of 7,588 sq. m. At the moment, on this site, located near Ilya Chavchavadze Avenue, there are tennis courts, a football training stadium and a weightlifting club. It is planned to dismantle them and build a complex of multi-storey residential buildings in their place, which, according to residents, is completely inappropriate. In their opinion, such construction will only lead to infrastructure and transport collapse in the region. The petition calls on Tbilisi residents to stand up for the protection of the recreational area from “concrete corruption”.

Recall that the aforementioned sports facilities previously belonged to the Tbilisi Institute of Physical Education, which …

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