Home World News Taxis want to install devices to control the driver

Taxis want to install devices to control the driver

Taxis want to install devices to control the driver

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The government proposes to install devices for monitoring driver fatigue and taximeters in taxis. The Committee for the Protection of Competition plans to consider such a bill at a meeting on June 15.

The new rules provide for the creation of two registries – passenger taxis and carrier companies. At the same time, they want to oblige carriers to transfer information about transportation to the regional and municipal information system.

According to the project, the taxi provides for the installation of a taximeter and a special device for monitoring the attention and fatigue of the driver. Self-employed citizens renting cars will have to undergo pre-trip and post-trip medical examinations, and check the technical condition of the car. In addition, they want to ban people from driving a taxi if they have not paid more than three fines for traffic violations.

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