Taught the children of the martyrs of the Kargil war, making the poor innocent capable. Taught the children of the martyrs of the Kargil war, making the poor innocent capable

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My name is Jayanti Jha. I was born in Patna. My entire upbringing has happened here. My father was a professor in the Maithili department of Patna University. Mother was a housewife. I was second among four siblings. Most of the people in my house were associated with the education field. All four of us siblings are also involved in education and art. In today’s ‘Yeh Main Hoon’ you will be exposed to different colors of my life.

I have been a champion in sports in college

The atmosphere of the house was study oriented. Because of this I was good at studies. But I was very good in sports along with studies. Father’s hand was behind this. Apart from being a professor, he was also interested in sports and was associated with it. I also followed in the footsteps of my father. Three times champion in different indoor games during college. Even after doing well in art and craft, sports, my interest was more towards law, so later took admission for law studies.

When I got married, I dropped my law studies.

I got married in 1998. I got married to an armyman. My husband was posted in Udhampur at that time. Because of this I had to go with him and left my studies midway. Kargil war started only after one and a half years of marriage. At that time I had a small child in my lap. Remembering that time still makes me shiver. Not only me, all the women living there were in a strange fear. We didn’t even know whether our husband would come back or not. My husband did come back but two-three companions of my husband were martyred. It was a difficult time for all of us.

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Started teaching the children of war widows

A hostel was opened there by Drona Boys for the children of the soldiers who were martyred in the Kargil war. There were 38 children there. The officers’ wives were asked to teach those children for a month or two. I taught children there as an art teacher. I had studied arts and history till graduation, so there was no problem. I taught children at that place for two years. For this, I was honored by the Army Wife Welfare Association. Then my husband was transferred to Bhatinda. After going there, I completed nursery teacher training.

I started teaching poor children without money

During my stay in Bhatinda, I had a question that why only the children of the rich should study? What will happen to the children of those who do not have money? So I decided to come forward myself. I used to work as a teacher in a school and in the evenings I used to teach the children living in the servant quarter at my house. Other poor children from all around started coming to me. I would give free education to everyone. During this my children also used to sit with him.

It’s a challenge for me to start from zero every time

My husband was transferred from Bhatinda to Patna Danapur. Coming here also, I started from zero. First joined army school. Then in the same school I reached the position of principal. Then in 2018, I joined ‘Mother’s Hope’ Playschool. We started this school with 6 children. We saw very difficult times because of Kovid. But after Kovid when we reopened, today we have 63 children in our school.

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Organization started for poor children

The idea that every child should get education was always running in my mind. Thinking of those children only, I laid the foundation of ‘Ullas Foundation’ in the year 2014. The aim was clear that the children of poor sections should come and participate in extra activities along with studies. We started work to give a platform to the children who do not get a platform, to give them confidence.

Seeing our work, people joined our organization. Our organization got a lot of support and love from the people. Because of this, today I am able to educate children through this institution. I connected not only children from poor sections with this institution, but also children with autism. Gave them a platform. Those children also proved with their ability that if they are understood, they too can do better.

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