Tatarstan will launch river transportation to Perm and Solikamsk

River transport on the Kama River.  Perm, Kama, summer, ship, cruise, motor ship

From Perm and Solikamsk it will be possible to get to Kazan by water. In the Republic of Tatarstan, they are now reviving river passenger transportation, said the region’s Minister of Transport Farit Hanifov.

“We really want to revive the Kama route. Perm residents asked us to come this year, but the issue of opening flights to Perm and Solikamsk was postponed until next year,” explained Farit Hanifov, reports Tatar-Inform news agency.

It is planned that high-speed Meteors will ply along the Kama River. These vessels can cover distances of up to 800 km without stopping.


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