Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid Claim India ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan – International news in Hindi – India ready to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan? Taliban claimed

The Taliban on Wednesday said that India has agreed to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that India has spoken of sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in the Moscow format dialogue. However, there has been no response from India on this claim of Mujahid so far. Let us tell you that a total of 10 countries including India, Chin Pakistan are involved in the Moscow Format Dialogue.

Taliban spokesperson tweeted, “Indian envoy in Moscow format dialogue said that the people of Afghanistan need humanitarian assistance. Afghanistan is going through a difficult situation. India is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. JP Singh, a senior official in the Ministry of External Affairs, is representing India at the Moscow Format Dialogue on Afghanistan. According to Mujahid, the Taliban delegation from the Islamic Emirate has also met JP Singh.

Mujahid said in a tweet, “A high level delegation led by Deputy PM of Afghanistan Maulvi Abdul Salam Hanafi met on the sidelines of the Moscow format meeting with India’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran JP Singh and the accompanying delegation. .’

Mujahid further said that both sides have considered it necessary to improve diplomatic and economic ties, taking into account each other’s concerns. The Indian side has finally expressed its desire to provide comprehensive humanitarian assistance to the Afghans.


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