Amnesty International says Taliban fighters have illegally killed 13 Hazaras. The rights of these are said to be Afghan soldiers who surrendered to the rebels. The killings reportedly come two weeks after the Taliban captured Kabul. According to an Amnesty investigation, these killings took place on August 30 in Kahor village of Dayakundi province. Of the victims, 11 were members of the Afghan National Security Forces and two were civilians, including a 17-year-old girl.

Let us tell you that about 10 percent of the people of the Hazara community live in Afghanistan. The population of Hazara community is said to be around 40 lakhs. Amnesty’s general secretary, Agnes Callamard, has said that the inhuman deaths of the Hazaras are proof that the Taliban are again committing the same horrific crimes they committed during their previous regime.

So far, the Taliban has not given any statement or explanation regarding these killings. Amnesty reported that the Taliban-appointed police chief for Dayakundi, Sadiqullah Abed, denied any killing and said only that a Taliban member was injured in the attack in the province. So far, the Taliban has not given any statement or explanation regarding these killings.

According to Amnesty’s report, the Taliban took control of Dayakundi province on August 14. Following this, an estimated 34 ex-servicemen sought security in Khidir district. The soldiers, who had government military equipment and weapons, agreed to surrender to the Taliban.

On 30 August, around 300 Taliban fighters arrived in a convoy near the village of Dahani Kul, where members of the security forces were staying, some of whom were accompanied by family members. As security forces attempted to leave the area with their families, Taliban fighters captured them and opened fire on the crowd, killing a 17-year-old girl named Masuma. Amnesty said it had confirmed photographs and video evidence taken after the killings.



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