Taliban plans to build 48 new dams in Afghanistan

According to the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (IEA, the self-name of the country among the Taliban*), 48 small and large dam projects will be developed in the next financial year, reports today, March 3, Ariana News.

Practical work is currently underway on 13 dam projects.

“The Ministry of Water Resources and Energy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reviewed 61 projects for the 1402 financial year, of which 13 projects are underway and 48 more projects will be developed,” a spokesman for the ministry said Gholam Jilani Hakparast.

Representatives of the private sector emphasize that in order to emerge from the economic crisis, the government must increase its efforts to promote investment in energy production and water resources management. According to them, the development of investments in large projects will also contribute to the creation of jobs.

“Electricity is important for industry, life, manufacturing, trade and agriculture. Without energy, the country will not prosper,” — said a member of the IEA Chamber of Commerce and Investment Khan Jan Alokozai.

Afghan economists also believe that attracting private investment in the energy and water sectors will be effective for improving the country’s economy.

“Energy is one of the main factors that can drive our progress in every sector such as factories, agriculture, manufacturing and trade. Currently, most of Afghanistan’s electricity is imported. The income that the government receives from the people goes abroad,” the economist said Kamaluddin Kakar.

Afghanistan currently purchases 75% of its electricity from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

*Terrorist organization, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation

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