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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on Gazprom to take the turbine for Nord Stream.

“Speaking about the turbine, so that there is no guesswork, I made sure that everyone could see it, understand that it is ready. This would be a useful thing: stop saying with illusory arguments that you don’t want her, take her, here she is!”, – said Olaf Scholz at a press conference in Berlin, reports RIA Novosti. The German chancellor said at the same time that the benefits of the ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder could be that Russia took the turbine, which is located in Germany, specifies Tagesspiegel.

Germany can no longer rely on the assumptions of recent years that Russia would under no circumstances stop gas supplies, the German chancellor said. Therefore, Germany plans to further reduce its dependence on Russian fuel.

The turbine repaired in Canada for the Nord Stream compressor station was under the sanctions of Ottawa. When Gazprom began to reduce the capacity of the gas pipeline to Germany, the Canadian authorities made exceptions and sent the equipment to Germany. In this situation, the Russian company reported that the contract was violated, since the turbine should be sent to Russia. In addition, the British company Siemens is the contractor. Therefore, sanctions clarifications from Canada, the UK and the EU are needed to ensure continued maintenance of the Baltic gas pipeline turbines.

While all parties are arguing, Nord Stream’s capacity has fallen by 134 million cubic meters to 33 million cubic meters per day. This has led to the fact that Europe has already introduced a voluntary reduction in gas consumption by 15%. The German regulator estimates the need to reduce demand by at least 20%.

As reported EADaily in Germany, calls are increasingly being made to launch the second Baltic gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2.

“It is clear that Nord Stream 2 should be opened now,” said, for example, the deputy chairman of the CDU faction in the Landtag of Brandenburg Frank Bommert. “This will provide an opportunity to check Putin: whether he intends to supply gas or not.”

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