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Tajik border guard killed in skirmish on Kyrgyz-Tajik border


A Tajik soldier was killed in another firefight on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border on Tuesday morning. This was announced today, June 14, by Sputnik Tajikistan news agency, citing a source in the administration of the jamoat (rural district) Vorukh.

According to the agency, a 25-year-old Tajik border guard died. According to preliminary information received from the source, there are also casualties among the Kyrgyz military.

According to the version of the Tajik side, on June 14, at about 06:00 Dushanbe time (03:00 Moscow time), firing began on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border using mortars and grenade launchers. As the source told the agency, fire from the Kyrgyz side was fired at the Tajik outpost “Keh”. The shootout lasted about two hours.

“Kyrgyz border guards opened fire without warning. Early in the morning they even used mortars. As a result, the Tajik border guards also opened fire,” the source said.

According to the border service of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan, the first shot was fired in the direction of the Kyrgyz border post “Bulak-Bashy” in the Batken region from the side of the Tajik post “Keh”.

According to Sputnik Kyrgyzstan, representatives of the two countries held telephone conversations.

It is reported that in order to clarify the reasons for the skirmish and prevent escalation, the heads of the border detachments of both sides left for the scene of the incident. For now, the situation is assessed as tense.

This is the second such case since the beginning of the month. Earlier, on June 3, on the territory of the town of Kekh and Jamoat Vorukh of Tajikistan on the border with Kyrgyzstan, there was also shooting between border guards. Then a 21-year-old Tajik soldier died.

The length of the Tajik-Kyrgyz border is more than 980 kilometers. A significant part of it has not yet been demarcated, as a result of which conflicts arise from time to time with the use of weapons and human casualties.


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