Taiwan reports increased Chinese military presence off its coast

The situation around Taiwan remains tense. The government in Taipei complains that Beijing is increasing its military presence off the island. The Taiwanese military claims to have registered more than 40 Chinese fighter jets off the coast in the past two days.

With tensions surrounding Taiwan, China appears to have stepped up military activities around the island. The Ministry of Defense in Taipei said that nine warships and 16 warplanes belonging to the Chinese armed forces turned up off the Taiwanese coast this Thursday alone. The agency said on Twitter that Taiwan’s armed forces are monitoring the situation and have tasked their fighter jets, warships and ground-to-surface missile systems to respond to these activities.

Four of the targeted J-11, Su-30, Y-8 ASW and KA-28 ASW aircraft have crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait, which is considered the unofficial but otherwise respected border between the mainland and the island, and are in penetrated the air defense zone in the southeast and southwest of Taiwan.

Taiwan Foreign Minister: Must defend ourselves against China

Taiwan Foreign Minister: Must defend ourselves against China

The news comes just a day after the Defense Ministry in Taipei registered a strong Chinese military presence off the island. Accordingly, on May 3, 27 warplanes and seven warships of the Chinese armed forces were observed around the island. In addition, the ministry reports a Chinese reconnaissance drone that flew around the island from Tuesday to Wednesday morning.

According to experts covering the newspaper South China Morning Post asked, the second Chinese drone flight near Taiwan in the past few days could show that such activities are gradually becoming routine.

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