Taiwan may face the fate of Ukraine – expert


Yan Anlin, deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of International Affairs, said in an interview with a TASS correspondent that Taiwan could become a second Ukraine if the United States does not abandon its policy. This was announced today, August 11, the agency reports.

“If the current situation with the threat of war develops in the same direction, then the possibility of an involuntary firing in the Taiwan Strait area cannot be ruled out. If this is true, then tomorrow’s Taiwan could become today’s Ukraine. The Chinese Communist Party and the government constantly promote the policy of peaceful development of the two-bank relations and the policy of joint development, pursue the path of peaceful unification on the principle of “one country, two systems”, and will not take the path of unification through military force unless absolutely necessary.” – gives the resource an expert opinion.

According to him, the current situation in the Taiwan Strait area is tense, but has been escalating over the past few years. And this is fraught with the emergence of an armed conflict.

“The main reason for this lies in the strategy and policy of the United States, based on the desire to contain China through the Taiwan issue,” — further says the expert.

He added that Washington sees the rise of China as a threat and is therefore playing the Taiwan card. Thus, trying to restrain the development of the PRC.

Another reason for the crisis, according to the expert, is the policy of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan since 2016, which has set a course for the independence of the island, breaking ties with mainland China and rapprochement with the United States.

“This challenges the internationally accepted “one China” principle and damages the once peaceful and stable relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait,” – he said.

Yan Anlin stressed that the degree of “internationalization of the Taiwan issue” is constantly growing, negatively affecting relations between Beijing and Taipei and harming the people of the island.

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