America should not be under any illusions on Taiwan, we will not compromise; furious china’s instructions

China has once again told America about the Taiwan issue. China has said that no agreement of any kind is possible on Taiwan and America should have no illusions about it. The Chinese Defense Ministry said…

China noted the strengthening of military cooperation with Russia

BEIJING, 25 Nov – In recent years, cooperation between the armed forces of Russia and China has reached a qualitatively new level, said Wu Qian, spokesman for the PRC Ministry of Defense. “In recent years, under the strategic leadership of President Xi Jinping and President (Russian Federation Vladimir) Putin, the relationship of comprehensive partnership and … Read more

China announced its readiness to resist pressure together with Iran

BEIJING, 25 Nov – China is ready, together with Iran, to oppose the policy of unilateral actions and persecution, as well as uphold the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a conversation with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian. The conversation between the heads of the foreign ministries … Read more

America expels China from discussion on democracy, teased by calling Taiwan, tension may increase

America has organized a virtual summit on 9 and 10 December to discuss democracy. In this, America has invited a total of 110 countries, which includes India. But he kept China out of this list.

China is ready to sign the protocol of the treaty on a nuclear-free zone in Southeast Asia

BEIJING, 22 Nov – China is ready to sign the protocol of the Treaty on the Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Southeast Asia (Bangkok Treaty) as soon as possible, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday. “China supports ASEAN’s efforts to create a nuclear-weapon-free zone and is ready to sign the protocol to the Treaty on a … Read more

The United States said that Russia creates problems for the West "for fun"

MOSCOW, 20 Nov – Russia creates problems for Western countries both with the aim of wearing down a geopolitical rival, and simply for the sake of “pleasure,” the American naval diplomat, head of the department of maritime strategy JC Wylie at the Naval College, Dr. James Holmes, believes. He told about this to 19Fortyfive. The … Read more

China will need coal from other countries for a long time, the expert said

BEIJING, 17 Nov – China will retain its status as a major global consumer and importer of coal for a long time to come, while Russia has good prospects in the Chinese coal market, said Chinese coal industry analyst Ma Baojia. On Monday, the PRC State Bureau of Statistics reported that China imported 26.94 million … Read more

Expert comments on Xi Jinping’s statement on measures against separatists

BEIJING, 17 Nov – Chinese President Xi Jinping’s statement to US President Joe Biden that Beijing will resort to drastic measures if separatist forces in Taiwan cross the “red line” undoubtedly means that Beijing can unite the island with the mainland using military force, said renowned Chinese political scientist, senior researcher at the Kunlunce think … Read more

The White House did not comment on reports of boycotting the 2022 Olympics

WASHINGTON, Nov 16 – The White House did not comment on reports of plans for a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, claiming that the topic was not raised during the virtual summit of the leaders of the two countries that took place the day before. “I have nothing to add on this … Read more

Biden does not consider Xi Jinping to be a longtime friend, White House says

WASHINGTON, Nov 16 – US President Joe Biden does not view Chinese President Xi Jinping as his “old friend,” despite their longstanding relationship and ability to conduct direct, frank dialogue, White House spokesman Andrew Bates told reporters on Tuesday. “You have clearly heard from the president himself that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping have … Read more

The United States offered China to negotiate strategic stability

WASHINGTON, Nov 16 – US President Joe Biden during a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the issue of the need for a series of rounds of dialogue on strategic stability, said the US leader’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Tuesday. “President Biden, in his dialogue with President Xi Jinping, did indeed raise … Read more