madhya pradesh minister Bisahulal Singh says women of Thakurs should be dragged out of their homes and made work in society to ensure equality

Madhya Pradesh Minister Bisahulal Singh has said that the women of Thakur’s house should be thrown out of the house to work so that equality remains in the society. Speaking in Anuppur, the minister in the Shivraj government said, ‘Both should work equally. Especially all the big Thakurs and some other big people lock the … Read more

Americans asked for asylum in Russia because of one phrase of Putin

MOSCOW, October 22 – Readers of the American site Breitbart supported the statement by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who called gender reassignment in children a crime against humanity. “This is why the West hates Russia and China – they do not accept perverts,” one of them noted. “At least someone spoke in an adult way. … Read more

In Kabul, women protested outside the Foreign Ministry building

Several dozen women on Thursday protested near the Foreign Ministry building in Kabul, the Taliban (the Taliban movement * is recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) disperse the rally and beat journalists who are trying to capture what is happening, an eyewitness said. …

Afghans and Taliban – Mir

A Moscow format meeting on Afghanistan will take place on October 20 to discuss the country’s political future. This dialogue will be a very important opportunity for the Russian leadership: if it contributes to the future stability of Afghanistan, the effect will be felt far beyond Afghan borders. One of the acute problems after the … Read more

Father was suspected of joining the rebel army, in return the Taliban killed the son

The Taliban in Afghanistan is presenting new examples of its tyranny and brutality every day. The Taliban, which claims to forgive enemies, has even spared children in its vengeance. Takhar of Afghanistan….

How the careers of politicians broke down due to sex scandals

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign this week after 11 women immediately filed harassment charges against him. Denying his guilt, Mr. Cuomo nevertheless decided to leave the post. Kommersant recalls other prominent politicians whose careers were interrupted by love. Sex scandals (adultery, harassment, relationships with prostitutes) are not uncommon in the … Read more