Volcano: Lava was emanating from the height of a 5-storey building, the photos of the volcano were captured in the camera

Volcano: Shocking pictures from Iceland are constantly coming out. The volcano erupted here in March this year. Looking at the scene here, it seemed as if a river of fire was flowing. Its videos and pictures went viral all over the world. Once again there have been very dangerous pictures of the volcano present on … Read more

A powerful earthquake hit the island of Palma

MADRID, 23 Oct – The most powerful earthquake in the last month and a half occurred on the island of Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), where the volcanic eruption continues, according to the Spanish National Geographic Institute. Experts estimated the magnitude at 4.9, the depth of the focus – 38 kilometers. Meanwhile, the main cone of … Read more

Spain’s La Palma volcano reactivates, 800 people sent to safer places after lava erupts

Authorities on Tuesday ordered the evacuation of some 800 people from a part of the coastal city of Los Lianos de Ariadne, as lava emanating from the volcano feared a new direction and possible route to the island’s residents. Was. .

Volcano on spain atlantic ocean island of la palma erupted on sunday

Madrid. A volcano erupted in Spain on Sunday. Scientists told that the volcano on the Atlantic island of La Palma has started to erupt. Black and white smoke is rising from the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge, according to visuals shown by Spanish state broadcaster TVE. Earthquake News was also felt soon after this. Spanish authorities … Read more