On matrimony sites, the person told what kind of bride he wants, also told the size of breast and waist, created a ruckus

A screenshot of a bizarre matrimonial ad has created a flutter on the internet and has gone viral. The advertisement also mentions the desired size of the bride’s body parts. Post on reddit….

Not 2,3,4, this woman from Bihar gave birth to 5 children at once

On Thursday, a woman gave birth to five children at the Sadar Hospital in Siwan in Bihar. The children born are three girls and two boys. At present, all the five children are healthy and the doctors…

PHOTO: Photos of luxurious palace of Russian police officer arrested in bribery case viral

Footage has been released of the mansion of the Russian traffic officer arrested in the bribery case, his lavish rooms, extravagant decorations, a billiards hall and even a golden toilet. .

Russian diana kidzhi who leads nuclear powered icebreaker ship to north pole nodtg

Moscow. Along with social media, a name is quite famous nowadays on every foreign news agency and news channel. And this is the name of the Russian woman Diana Kidzhi. Actually, Diana Kizzi is currently commanding a nuclear-capable icebreaker. Keiji is only 27 years old and he is one of the three Chief Mate of … Read more

Netherland police arrest by mistake english man lookalike of italian mafia boss ashas

A mistake can happen to anyone. Whether it is a common man or the police who protect the law. Recently, an incident of police error has come to light, knowing about which everyone is stunned. This case is related to the Netherlands where the police mistook a person as the boss of the Italian Mafia. … Read more