Terrorist attacks on non-Muslims in Kashmir due to Taliban rule in Afghanistan? learn how

Is the change in power in Afghanistan also responsible for the sudden increase in terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir? Defense experts believe that the incident in Afghanistan has increased the spirits of the terrorists.

Interpreter who helped rescue Biden in 2008 leaves Afghanistan – International news in Hindi

Afghans who have helped America since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, want to leave the country by any means. Afghan interpreter Aman Khalili, who in 2008 helped then-Senate Joe Biden in the countryside of Afghanistan, has managed to leave Afghanistan. In 2008, a storm caused a military helicopter carrying Biden and several US lawmakers to … Read more

India said on the sabotage of the Gurudwara in Kabul, it is a matter of concern not only for us but also for the world

India has expressed concern over the incident of vandalism in the gurudwara in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that the incident of vandalism in the gurudwara not only…

SGPC made this demand from the Modi government at the center on the attack in Kabul Gurdwara

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) President Bibi Jagir Kaur on behalf of some unidentified armed men entering Gurdwara Dashmesh Pita, Qatar-e-Parwan in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Taliban unlawfully killed 13 ethnic Hazaras – International news in Hindi

Amnesty International says Taliban fighters have illegally killed 13 Hazaras. The rights of these are said to be Afghan soldiers who surrendered to the rebels. The killings reportedly come two weeks after the Taliban captured Kabul. According to an Amnesty investigation, these killings took place on August 30 in Kahor village of Dayakundi province. Of … Read more

Afghanistan: Huge explosion outside mosque in Kabul, many killed

There has been a big explosion once again in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A Taliban spokesman has said that the gate of a mosque in Kabul has been attacked with a bomb, in which several people have been killed.

Life under Taliban rule, helpless woman sold child for daughter’s treatment

The return of Taliban rule in Afghanistan has made life difficult for ordinary Afghans. How bad the condition of the common people is under the Taliban rule, it can be gauged from the fact that a woman has to take care of her daughter.

Taliban has formed an army of suicide bombers, will soon be deployed in these areas; merits noted

The Taliban has created an army of suicide bombers. Soon these bombers will be deployed in the Badakshan region of Afghanistan. Mullah Nisar Ahmed Ahmadi, the Lieutenant Governor of this region, in a conversation with the media, said this.

The sword of US sanctions hanging on the neck due to the Taliban, Pakistan saw India’s hand

Helping the Taliban to take power in Afghanistan can be very costly for Pakistan. Demand for sanctions on Pakistan in a bill introduced by the Republican Senator in the US Parliament.

Now America will strike in Afghanistan with Russia; In this way all the work of terrorists will be done

Bhel may have gone to America from Afghanistan after the return of Taliban rule, but he is not going to leave the terrorists present on Afghan soil at any cost. According to the report, America is in Afghanistan.

Taliban for the first time formally talks to the Indian government, appeals to start air services

For the first time, the Taliban, who occupied the power of Afghanistan, made a formal talk to India and appealed to resume flight service between the two countries. Referring to the MoU between the two countries, the Taliban have…

top US military officials advised keeping 2500 American troops in Afghanistan warned Joe Biden against withdrawal

The top US military official, who appeared for the first time in Congress (Parliament) to testify on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, revealed on Tuesday that he had advised President Joe Biden that some two and a half thousand soldiers in Afghanistan should be put on standby. should keep. Not only this, he also … Read more