The doctor named a way to instantly lower blood sugar without medication

MOSCOW, November 27 – Physician Michael Mosley in an article for a British newspaper Daily mail advised using the singing technique to lower blood sugar without the use of medication.
According to him, this will reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for the response to stress.

“This, in turn, should lower blood pressure and blood sugar (cortisol increases blood sugar by converting protein into glucose). It can work almost instantly,” Mosley said.

Another easy way to lower blood sugar levels is to take a hot shower, the medic explained.

“Daily immersion in hot water can help lower blood pressure – heat expands blood vessels, making it easier for the heart to circulate blood throughout the body,” the doctor said.

Mosley also referred to the consumption of dark chocolate with at least 75 percent cocoa as a quick way to deal with the problem.
Finally, he recommended weight management, eating less salt, and exercising.

Those wishing to lose weight were advised to exclude trans fats and sugar from the diet

The basic principles of proper nutrition for those wishing to lose weight were listed by nutritionist Svetlana Balagurova.

A good diet assumes that vegetables are half of the serving, and only a quarter are carbohydrates and protein. A portion of food containing fats should be no more than one phalanx of the thumb. Also, for effective weight loss, it is recommended to buy small plates, in which case the person will eat less food, the nutritionist noted.

“Organize meals three to five times a day, in this matter you need to focus on your appetite,” the specialist advised.

People who want to lose weight should eliminate trans fats and sugar from their diet. Colorants, preservatives, and stabilizers do not contain anything useful. If you adhere to at least 80% of these principles, the result will be guaranteed, Balagurova emphasized.

Regular consumption of spicy foods will help you to lose extra pounds. Such foods speed up the metabolism and stimulate the burning of excess fat.