Compiled portraits of Russian debtors with assets abroad

MOSCOW, 28 Nov – Russians who hide assets from creditors abroad most often prefer to invest in real estate in the USA, Great Britain, Spain and Cyprus, the subsidiary of Sber, the collection agency AktivBusinessConsult, found out. Writes about it RBK… According to ABK, real estate accounts for over 90% of all foreign assets of … Read more

Ukraine demanded to withdraw textbooks with Russian Crimea in Spain

KIEV, 25 Nov – The Ukrainian Embassy in Spain requires local authorities to revoke the circulation of textbooks for schoolchildren, in which Crimea is depicted as part of the Russian Federation, the press service of the diplomatic department said on Thursday. “Ambassador Sergei Pogoreltsev immediately appealed to the Minister of Education and Professional Training of … Read more

Christmas will come on December 4: how the arts festival in Siberia will be held

The XIV International Christmas Festival of Arts will be held from 4 to 18 December in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region. Spectators will enjoy a rich touring program with the participation of leading Russian and foreign bands and performers. More than 30 performances will take place in 15 days. Who will open the Christmas festival … Read more

In Spain, there were clashes at the protest rally of metallurgists

MADRID, 19 Nov – The indefinite strike of Spanish metallurgists, which has been going on for the fourth day in the province of Cadiz in the south of the country, has again resulted in clashes with the police, the newspaper reports. Voz de Cadiz… Protesters blocked a number of streets in Cadiz, the capital of … Read more

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed

MOSCOW, 19 Nov – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users in different countries, including Russia, complain about service failures, according to data from the Downdetector website, which monitors outages and outages of popular Internet resources. The first reports of problems appeared after 19.50 Moscow time. Crashes are reported by users from the United States, where they … Read more

Airplane passengers evacuated in Spain "because of the threat on the flight"

MADRID, 19 Nov – The passengers of the Volotea plane were evacuated at the airport of La Coruña (Autonomous Community of Galicia) in Spain “because of the threat on the flight”, according to the Spanish airport operator AENA. “A Coruña airport has activated a contingency plan due to a threat on the Bilbao-La Coruña flight … Read more

The wine school explained how to choose champagne before the New Year

MOSCOW, 19 Nov – To choose the right champagne for the New Year’s table, you need to take into account several factors, he told the agency “Prime“Lecturer at the Enotria Wine School and Creative Director of the Simple Wine News magazine Dmitry Merezhko. According to him, the super-economy segment in the price range up to … Read more

Spanish Foreign Ministry summoned the head of the Cuban diplomatic mission

MADRID, 14 Nov – The Spanish Foreign Ministry has summoned the Cuban Chargé d’Affaires to explain the revocation of accreditation from the Spanish media in Cuba, EFE reports citing government sources. Earlier, EFE reported that five of its employees in Cuba had been stripped of their accreditation. The Cuban authorities did not explain their actions. … Read more

On the island of Palma, where the volcanic eruption continues, a man died

MADRID, 13 Nov – The man died in his home located in the evacuated area on the island of Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), where the volcanic eruption continues, the agency reports. Efe… The man disappeared the day before – after, with the permission of the authorities, he, along with other local residents, went to the … Read more

Scientists have discovered a dangerous property of palm oil

Exposure to high concentrations of one of the fatty acids found in palm oil promotes the proliferation of cancer cells. This conclusion was made by scientists from Spain and the United States. The research results are published in the journal Nature. …

In Spain, passengers from Morocco escaped from the plane

MADRID, 6 Nov – The passenger, due to which the plane of the Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc landed at the airport of the Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, was healthy, perhaps it was part of a plan to illegally enter the territory of the Pyrenean kingdom, the newspaper reports. … Read more