Elon Musk told SpaceX employees about the risk of bankruptcy

MOSCOW, 30 Nov – Founder and owner of space company SpaceX Elon Musk, unhappy with the poor progress in the development of Raptor rocket engines, told his employees that the crisis in their production creates “the risk of bankruptcy,” CNBC reported, citing an email sent to employees. The Raptor is a closed-cycle liquid propellant rocket … Read more

Russia has designed a stratoplane for traveling between continents

Scientists at the Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University (KAI) have designed a supersonic aircraft for intercontinental flights in the stratosphere, follows from a document posted on the Rospatent website. …

NASA assesses the risk of asteroid collisions with Earth

WASHINGTON, Nov 23 – None of the asteroids currently known to scientists threaten to collide with Earth in the coming century, NASA deputy chief Thomas Zurbuchen said. NASA plans on Wednesday to launch the DART space probe to the asteroid Dimorf. A miniature spacecraft will have to crash into an asteroid to test the technology … Read more

Crew Dragon docked to ISS

WASHINGTON, Nov 12 – SpaceX’s crewed Crew Dragon has docked to the ISS, NASA broadcast shows. There are four astronauts on board. This is the third Crew Dragon to successfully dock at the station. Docking took place in automatic mode. The previous crew returned to Earth on Tuesday Moscow time. …

NASA told when people will be able to land on the moon again

WASHINGTON, Nov 9 – A new manned landing on the Moon will not be possible until 2025, the first manned flight under the Artemis program to the Moon’s orbit will take place no earlier than May 2024, NASA head Bill Nelson said at a briefing, for the first time officially updating the schedule of the … Read more

NASA astronauts returning to Earth will be banned from using the toilet

The crew of the Crew Dragon, which will leave the International Space Station (ISS) in the coming days, will not be able to use the toilet on the way to Earth, NASA astronaut Megan MacArthur confirmed in a briefing on Friday. …

NASA to test kamikaze spacecraft against asteroids

NASA will launch a miniature spacecraft that will crash into an asteroid: this is the first test of technology to prevent disasters that threaten Earth in the event of a collision with a large celestial body, the aerospace department said. …

Elon Musk invited to the UN to discuss the problem of hunger

UN, 2 Nov – UN Deputy Secretary General Representative Farhan Haq confirmed that the proposal of the head of the UN World Food Program (WFP) David Beasley to meet with the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk remains in force. Earlier, Beasley suggested that Musk hold a meeting to discuss the American businessman’s help in solving … Read more

Musk became the first person in history with a fortune of $ 300 billion

MOSCOW, Nov 1 – The head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, became the first person in history, whose fortune reached $ 300 billion, Forbes said. According to the Forbes Real-Time rating of billionaires in real time, the entrepreneur’s wealth reached this mark at about 4:45 pm Moscow time. At the moment, his fortune increased … Read more

The consequences of a powerful solar flare filmed from space

MOSCOW, October 31 – European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesce published in Twitter account photographs of the aurora, which became visible due to an unusual solar flare. “The return of the aurora borealis! Our orbits and solar wind have allowed us to observe them again, no one will be disappointed,” he wrote in a post … Read more