Navratri Special: Even NASA’s ‘No’ did not break the spirit of Sirisha, the third Indian to travel to space

If the spirits are high, then despite the initial failures, a person finds his destination. Indian-origin Sirisha Bandla is a living example of this. Actually, Sirisha has been traveling in the world of moon and stars since childhood.

UFO visible in the sky for 7 minutes! The person made the video from the plane itself

Many people in the world have claimed to have seen UFOs and Aliens. However, so far no scientific evidence has been found about the other world and its people. However, continuous news is coming out from America and UK (US & UK) regarding aliens. Including the talk of seeing UFOs by the US military several … Read more

The launch of the civilian mission SpaceX Inspiration4 postponed for a day


SpaceX’s first fully civilian mission, Inspiration4, will launch at least a day later than originally planned. The three-day mission will go into orbit from NASA Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral no earlier than 3:00 am on September 16 due to a combination of weather conditions and technical requirements. Inspiration4 is a private mission to … Read more