Teacher thrashed so much that student’s hand was broken, incident in Jaipur school, school fired

In Rajasthan, a teacher beat up a student in such a way that he broke his hand. The student’s mistake was that he had told the answer of a question to his partner during the pre-test. After reaching home, the child told the whole thing….

‘Ma’am, my child marriage is happening’, the boy called the State Child Commission and stopped his marriage

It is often seen that if a young girl is getting married, then she tries to stop her marriage. But in Rajasthan, a 19-year-old boy called and stopped his marriage. The case of Dausa….

Agneepath remains even after oath, this issue is now stuck in Ashok Gehlot cabinet

After a long exercise, 15 ministers were sworn in in Rajasthan. From Ashok Gehlot to Sachin Pilot, it is claimed that all the equations have been settled in the new cabinet. Although the truth inside is something else….

Now the decision will be taken on the landing of the pilot, apart from making the general secretary, the high command can give this responsibility

After a three-year-long tussle in Rajasthan, the demands of the Sachin Pilot camp are finally being fulfilled. On the orders of the Congress High Command, a major reshuffle is taking place in the Ashok Gehlot cabinet and 5 leaders of the Sachin Pilot camp have been removed.

Cabinet reshuffle list final, these are the new 15 members of Gehlot team, know their full horoscope

There is only a short time left for the reshuffle in the Ashok Gehlot cabinet in Rajasthan today. After nearly three years, such a big change is happening in the Gehlot government. This morning itself, Sachin Pilot told the press conference.

Who will be discharged from the cabinet? Indications from this statement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot

In Rajasthan, the signs of cabinet expansion are getting closer. The presence and statements of top leaders of the ruling party with the high command are indicating something similar. On the other hand, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s recent….

teachers told bitter truth to rajsthan cm ashok gehlot during state level teachers honor ceremony

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday got to hear something that he would never have expected. While addressing a function, suddenly he asked the teachers, do you have to pay money in transfer? In response to this, Chief Minister Gehlot himself was shocked to hear what the teachers said. Cong’s model of Governance:Ashok Gehlot … Read more

sachin pilot wins against rajasthan cm ashok gehlot meets to sonia gandhi

After the major reshuffle in Punjab Congress, now perhaps the focus of the party high command is on Rajasthan. For the past three years, swords have been drawn between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot here. Sachin Pilot has often been demanding a place in the cabinet for his close ones. So far, Ashok Gehlot has … Read more

Priyanka will get Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot to ceasefire in Rajasthan! Long meeting with Gehlot at Rahul’s house

Wednesday was a busy day in the politics of Rajasthan. On one hand, Priyanka Gandhi’s meeting with Ashok Gehlot lasted for about three hours at Rahul Gandhi’s residence in Delhi, while in Rajasthan, many speculations continued.

Pressure came in handy, Rajasthan government announced to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel

Governments ruled by opposition parties were under pressure since the central government cut taxes on petrol and diesel and then reduced VAT by BJP-ruled states. Now its effect is visible. of Punjab….

A slap was very heavy, the angry young man shot the father and son, there was a fight in the night

A man and his minor son were allegedly shot dead over a dispute in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district on Sunday. Police said that the accused who fired the bullet has also been shot and his…

’52-year-old Basanti’ climbed on the water tank for justice in land dispute, angry with the wrong distribution

In the film Sholay, Veeru’s character climbs on a water tank with the insistence of marrying Basanti. A similar incident happened in Katrathal village in Sikar, Rajasthan. However, the difference was that the water tank climber here.