Migrants tried to break through the Polish border twice overnight

WARSAW, 30 Nov – The Polish Border Guard reports about two attempts to storm the border from Belarus, which took place last night. “Groups of aggressive foreigners crossed the border at the outposts in Melnik and Shudzyalovo,” the message says. Polish border guards said that at about 2.30 am (4.30 Moscow time), in a section … Read more

Polish President fears migration of Afghan refugees to EU via Russia

WARSAW, 29 Nov – Polish President Andrzej Duda hopes that Russia will prevent the organization of a channel for illegal migration from Afghanistan to the European Union. “Of course, we can have a situation where people from Afghanistan will go across the land borders, through Russia. I hope that this will not happen. I hope … Read more

Poles ridiculed local journalist for complaining about lunch on a flight from Russia

MOSCOW, November 29 – Sports journalist Katzper Merck tweeted a photo of a dinner on a Ural Airlines flight from Yekaterinburg and complained that his expectations were at odds with the dish served. The reporter’s review was reposted by the publication Gazeta.pl, whose readers criticized Merck for being finicky. “Yes, I also imagined a dish … Read more

Belarus announced the building up of NATO’s potential near the country’s borders

MINSK, 29 Nov – NATO member countries are building up the offensive potential of the armed forces near the borders of Belarus, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said on Monday. “The results of the assessment (of the military-political situation – ed.) Show that the measures taken by the Western countries to militarize the region are leading … Read more

Two refugees near Belarus-Poland border contract coronavirus

Two cases of coronavirus infection were registered among refugees in the transport and logistics center at the Bruzgi checkpoint on the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno region of Belarus, said the governor of this Belarusian region, Vladimir Karanik. …

Minsk explained the attempt of refugees to break through the border with Poland

MINSK, 28 Nov – State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich said that he did not see a threat from the Middle Eastern refugees in the country, and explained their attempt to break through the border with Poland “by the defensive reaction of desperate people.” “It is not worth fearing (refugees – … Read more

British and Polish prime ministers discussed sanctions against Russia and Belarus

WARSAW, 26 Nov – Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that he had discussed with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “a wide range of sanctions” against Belarus and Russia. Speaking at a briefing after his meeting with Johnson on Friday in London, Moravetsky said that both sides believe Russia is to blame not only for … Read more

Lukashenko spoke about Belarus’ spending on refugees

MINSK, 26 Nov – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the West transferred 260 thousand dollars to the Belarusian Red Cross to help Middle Eastern refugees, and Minsk has already spent more than 12.6 million dollars. “After my yesterday’s statement, the unfortunate 260 thousand were pitying. They transferred 260 thousand dollars to our Red … Read more

Lukashenka said that the European Union does not want to solve the problem of refugees

MINSK, 26 Nov – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the EU does not want to solve the problem of refugees from the countries of East and Africa, who are trying to get through the Belarusian territory from the European Union. “They do not want to solve this problem. Even in those areas where … Read more

Iraqi Airways to carry out two export flights from Minsk for migrants

CAIRO, 25 Nov – Iraqi Airways will operate two export flights from Minsk for Iraqi migrants on Thursday, according to a press release from the Iraqi Ministry of Transport. Earlier, a company representative said that the export flight for Iraqi refugees from Minsk was postponed indefinitely at the request of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry. “On … Read more