Roskachestvo appreciated Russian sparkling wines

MOSCOW, 9 Dec – The overwhelming majority of Russian sparkling wines, almost 85%, correspond to an increased quality standard, follows from the materials of Roskachestvo (available. The organization presented the results of the study as part of the Wine Guide of Russia, a joint project with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry … Read more

Russians were told how to choose tangerines

MOSCOW, 8 Dec – One of the important criteria for a high-quality tangerine is the presence of air between the peel and pulp, however, if there is too much air, this can already be called a disadvantage, she said. agency “Prime” Head of Research Department of Roskachestvo Lilia Kotelnikova. Sometimes tangerines can be treated with … Read more

Rusprodsoyuz told how to choose high-quality sausage

MOSCOW, Dec 3 – A kilogram of doctor’s sausage cannot be cheaper than a kilogram of pork, he said in an interview with the agency “Prime“Dmitry Vostrikov, executive director of the Rusprodsoyuz association. The specialist drew attention to several factors that consumers need to consider when choosing a quality sausage product. According to him, it … Read more

Roskachestvo specialist warned about the danger of last year’s potatoes

MOSCOW, November 29 – When buying potatoes, you should not choose tubers with dark and green spots, they indicate the presence of solanine in the vegetable, which has a toxic effect, she said agency “Prime” Head of the Research Department of Roskachestvo Lilia Kotelnikova. Solanine can cause serious food poisoning at significant concentrations, she said. … Read more

The national standard of wines will be developed on the basis of the regulations "Wine guide of Russia"

MOSCOW, 25 Nov – Rosstandart plans to develop a national standard for Russian wines, which will be based on the regulations and standards developed within the framework of the “Wine Guide of Russia” project, said Maxim Protasov, head of the Russian quality system (Roskachestvo). “My colleagues from Rosstandart and I decided to make that regulation, … Read more

Roskachestvo tested light beers

MOSCOW, 19 Nov – Roskachestvo, following a federal study of light beer, found that one-sixth of the samples tested were produced in violation of regulatory requirements, the organization said in a statement. “The results of the study showed that there is little flawless beer. The highest rating of five points was given to goods of … Read more

IT specialist told where to run if you lost your phone

MOSCOW, 19 Nov – The smartphone stores our passport data, social contacts and financial information about us. Therefore, theft or loss of a gadget is associated with serious risks, he told the agency “Prime“Sergei Kuzmenko, senior specialist in testing information products of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo. The entrance to the phone must … Read more

Russians were reminded of the rules for canning food

MOSCOW, 13 Nov – It is important not to forget a number of simple canning rules, since in case of mistakes, the risk of getting a poor-quality product and poisoning increases, she said. agency “Prime” Head of the Research Department of Roskachestvo Lilia Kotelnikova. So, you need to carefully select and rinse the vegetables well, … Read more

Roskachestvo told how batteries in smartphones of Russians degrade

MOSCOW, 11 Nov – Smartphone batteries are a chemical element that has a limited lifespan. Why a battery that has exhausted its resource is dangerous, Sergey Kuzmenko, a senior specialist in testing digital products of Roskachestvo, explained in an interview with Sputnik radio. Over time, the battery capacity decreases, a significant part of it disappears … Read more

Clothing manufacturer Putin Team will open its first store in "Sheremetyevo"

MOSCOW, October 27 – The Shishkin Tailor Manufactory Group of Companies, a clothing manufacturer for the Putin Team, is planning to open the first store at the Russian airport, it will be located in the Sheremetyevo departure zone in Moscow, the manufacturing company said. “The contract with the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport has been signed, the … Read more

Roskachestvo found out whether it is worth changing the iPhone

MOSCOW, October 27 – Roskachestvo experts compared smartphones iPhone 13 with iPhone 12 and named their key differences. According to experts, the difference in design and many technical characteristics between the iPhone 13 and the previous generation models is minimal. “The biggest improvement in the new Pro Max over the iPhone 12 Pro Max is … Read more