New law made in North Korea, now this work will be punishable by death

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, known for his dictatorial decisions in North Korea, has made the rules even more strict in his country. Some time ago a law has been passed in North Korea, according to which if any person shares content related to the media of South Korea, America and Japan, then he can … Read more

North Korean dictator Kim Jong’s changed look, people are surprised to see photos

According to the report, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s weight has reduced by 10 to 20 kilograms, and with this, the speculations about his health have been revived. (Photo- AP) .

20 kg less weight, grandfather like haircut … everyone is surprised to see Kim Jong Un like this

Wearing a light colored suit, dictator Kim Jong Un arrived to see the military parade of North Korea. During this, Kim did not give any speech, but looking at the people, he was seen shaking hands and smiling. Security forces marched for more than an hour on the central Kim Il Sung Square in the … Read more

North Korea kim jong un had test fired new long range cruise missile

Pyongyang. North Korea has once again tested long-range cruise missiles. North Korea’s news agency Korean Central News Agency said on Monday that the missile was developed in two years and tested on Saturday and Sunday. This cruise missile hit its targets 1500 km away with precision. This claim has been made at a time when … Read more

North Korea did missile test again, know how powerful Kim Jong’s country is

North Korea has once again conducted the Missile Test. According to Yonhap News, North Korea has launched an unidentified object towards the East Sea. It is not yet known which weapon it was, but it is being speculated that perhaps the country has conducted another missile test. (All photos- AP).

south korea test missile kim jong un sister warns of destruction ties

sol. North Korea and South Korea have tested ballistic missiles within a few hours of each other. With this test of ballistic missiles, the arms race in the peninsula has intensified. Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has threatened South Korea after South Korea’s missile test. Jong’s sister said that … Read more