US wants to shift attention from Afghanistan to Iran, expert said

MOSCOW, October 27 – The United States, with its statements on the need for an early resumption of negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, wants to switch attention from the Afghan story to the Iranian one, said Vladimir Yurtaev, professor of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of the RUDN University, Doctor of … Read more

The French criticized the decision to return the gold of the Scythians to Ukraine

MOSCOW, October 27 – French readers Le Figaro newspapers reacted to the decision of the Dutch Court of Appeal, which ruled that the collection of Scythian gold from Crimean museums should be transferred to Ukraine. They expressed their opinion in the comments to the corresponding publication. “The words” Ukraine “means” periphery. “ “It was the … Read more

Le Pen pledged to support Hungary in reorienting the European Union

PARIS, 26 Oct – Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Unity party, presidential candidate of France, said that if she is elected head of state, she will undertake to support Hungary in reorienting the European Union. Marine Le Pen is on a visit to Budapest on October 25-26. “If I am elected President of … Read more

U.S. Embassy declares non-interference in Turkey’s internal affairs

ANKARA, 25 Oct – The US Embassy in Turkey, against the background of the statement of Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan on declaring 10 ambassadors, including the United States, persona non grata, said that it would not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. “We are committed to Article 41 of the Vienna Convention on … Read more

Macron reacted to attempted coup in Sudan

PARIS, 25 Oct – France strongly condemns the attempted coup in Sudan and calls for the immediate release of the prime minister and civilian leaders, said President Emmanuel Macron. “France strongly condemns the attempted coup d’état in Sudan. I express my support for the transitional government of Sudan and call for the immediate release of … Read more

The German Ambassador spoke about the preparations for the meeting in "Normandy format"

EKATERINBURG, 25 October – A meeting of foreign ministers in the “Normandy format” is being prepared, but the date has not yet been determined, German Ambassador to Russia Geza Andreas von Geir told reporters on Monday. “During her last meeting with Mr Putin, Ms Merkel said that a summit meeting in the Normandy format should … Read more

Defense News: Europe was scared of the US shifting attention from Russia to China

MOSCOW, October 24 – While the United States is trying to direct the attention of NATO partners to the confrontation with China, the Eastern European allies urge not to forget about the threat from Russia. It is reported by Defense News. At the recent conference of ministers of the alliance, the head of the US … Read more

State Department appreciated Turkey’s intention to expel American ambassador

WASHINGTON, Oct 24 – The US State Department is aware of the messages about Ankara’s intention to send ambassadors of a number of countries, including the American one, and in this regard is seeking clarity from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, an official of the State Department said on Saturday. “We have read these reports and … Read more

The Ministry of Internal Affairs put on the wanted list the programmer who transmitted the video with the torture of prisoners

MOSCOW, 23 October – Sergei Savelyev, who, according to the media, gave human rights defenders a video of violence against prisoners in the Saratov prison hospital, has been put on the wanted list, follows from the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Earlier, a video about sexual assault and torture … Read more

Macron called for the internationalization of the euro

PARIS, 22 Oct – French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a large internationalization of the euro in order to protect European companies from the “extraterritoriality of the dollar.” “I especially noted that the euro is an instrument of our trade policy. If we want to protect our companies from the extraterritoriality of the dollar … Read more