Poland calls fine for refusing to abolish Supreme Court chamber as usurpation

WARSAW, 27 Oct – The Deputy Minister of Justice of Poland Sebastian Kaleta called the fine imposed on the republic for refusing to abolish the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court as usurpation and blackmail. On Wednesday, the Court of Justice of the European Union imposed a fine on Poland of one million euros per … Read more

Lithuania began to build a four-meter barrier on the border with Belarus

MOSCOW, October 27 – Lithuania has begun construction of a four-meter barrier on the border with Belarus, the portal of the Lithuanian national radio and television reported on Wednesday. LRT with reference to the company EPSO-G, which is responsible for this project. “The fence itself is being manufactured in Poland and the Netherlands, and the … Read more

The German Ministry of Economy has confirmed the benefits of "Nord Stream – 2"

BERLIN, 27 October – The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline creates more opportunities for transporting gas to Europe during periods of high demand, the German Economy Ministry said. The German Ministry of Economy and Energy on Tuesday provided the German regulator with an official conclusion that the certification of the Nord Stream 2 operator does … Read more

Le Pen pledged to support Hungary in reorienting the European Union

PARIS, 26 Oct – Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Unity party, presidential candidate of France, said that if she is elected head of state, she will undertake to support Hungary in reorienting the European Union. Marine Le Pen is on a visit to Budapest on October 25-26. “If I am elected President of … Read more

In Germany, they named a way to prevent "Nord Stream – 2"

MOSCOW, October 26 – Disputes over the start of operation of Nord Stream 2 could complicate the work of the alleged future ruling coalition in Germany, writes the German newspaper Welt… According to the author of the article, Alan Posener, amid the energy crisis, only the Greens continue to oppose the pipeline, which requires their … Read more

The European Commissioner supports the idea of ​​separating gas and electricity prices

PARIS, 26 Oct – European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton supports France’s idea of ​​separating gas and electricity prices. “I think France did the right thing by raising this issue. We experience an energy crisis every 5 or 10 years,” Breton said on the air of the TV channel. BFMTV… Responding to the presenter’s … Read more

European Energy Commissioner spoke about joint purchases of gas from Russia

MADRID, 26 Oct – Joint purchases of gas by the EU countries, including from Russia, is a geopolitical issue, said European economic commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. “Joint purchases of gas is not easy, it is not the same as joint purchases of vaccines. Joint purchases of vaccines have been a success, joint purchases of gas is … Read more

Israeli settlements in Palestine are illegal, EU says

BRUSSELS, 25 Oct – The European Union considers all Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories illegal and will not recognize them, the EU spokesman said in a statement on Monday. Earlier it was reported that the Israeli authorities have placed tenders for the construction of more than 1.3 thousand housing units in Jewish settlements in … Read more

The head of the European Council commented on the idea of ​​a global compact on pandemics

BRUSSELS, 25 Oct – The European Union’s proposal to conclude a global compact on pandemics has not yet enjoyed universal support, said the head of the European Council Charles Michel. “Many leaders of state and government support this idea, but as far as I know, some still disagree with it. We will try to convince … Read more

Poland set a condition to the European Union due to deprivation of funds for recovery

WARSAW, 25 Oct – If the European Commission refuses to allocate funds to Poland to fund a national recovery plan after the pandemic, the country could apply a number of legal solutions, including refusing to fulfill the EU’s climate targets, government spokesman Piotr Müller told reporters on Monday. On Thursday evening, the European Parliament at … Read more