Expert predicted gas prices in Europe in two to three years

MOSCOW, 28 Nov – The average annual level of gas prices in Europe can be set in the range of 300-600 dollars per thousand cubic meters in the next 2-3 years, said Sergei Kolobanov, deputy head of the Economy of the Fuel and Energy Complex Sectors of the Central Bank of Russia. “The average annual … Read more

Analysts expect record growth of the Russian economy in 2021

MOSCOW, 28 Nov – According to the results of the current year, the Russian economy may increase by a record 4.2% for many years, follows from the consensus forecast based on a survey of analysts. According to Rosstat, analysts’ forecasted GDP growth rates for the year are higher than since 2012. It is incorrect to … Read more

Experts spoke about the risks of stagflation for the Russian economy

MOSCOW, November 26 – Prime, Dmitry Mayorov. Possible stagflation in the global economy will lead to a drop in demand for risky assets, but raw materials will be in price, which will provide some support for the ruble, say experts interviewed. Stagflation (stagnation + inflation) is a very rare phenomenon in the global economy. If … Read more

The expert named three currencies that cannot be invested in

MOSCOW, 28 Nov – The weakest assets that are definitely not worth investing in are the so-called exotic currencies, he said. agency “Prime” investment strategist “BCS World of Investments” Alexander Bakhtin. This class of currencies is not recommended for purchase, except for cases when it is planned to travel, move temporarily or permanently to countries … Read more

FAS will monitor changes in electricity prices in 2022

MOSCOW, November 27 – The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia will monitor the change in electricity prices in 2022, the press service of the department reported. “Regulation of tariffs in the electric power industry is carried out at the federal and regional levels. FAS Russia decides on the maximum levels of tariffs for electricity … Read more

Transbaikalia and the Jewish Autonomous Region compensate for the costs of eliminating the consequences of floods

MOSCOW, November 27 – Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order to compensate the budgets of the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region for the costs of eliminating the consequences of floods, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reports. “The Trans-Baikal Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region will receive another tranche … Read more

Gas futures in Europe rose 4.5 percent over the week

MOSCOW, November 27 – The price of gas futures on the ICE exchange during the week of trading rose to $ 1,025.5 per thousand cubic meters, which is 4.5% higher than on Monday, according to ICE Futures data. The settlement price of futures on the Dutch hub TTF index in the first half of the … Read more

In Germany, they named a way to run "Nord Stream – 2" in the near future

MOSCOW, November 27 – Under certain circumstances, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline may start working without waiting for the certification process to be completed, the German newspaper writes. Handelsblatt… Sources of the publication pointed to examples in the past, when pipelines were put into operation before they were certified, for example, projects NEL and … Read more

The expert named a product that will rise in price contrary to expectations

MOSCOW, November 27 – In the fall, the price of potatoes usually declines as a new crop is harvested, but this year the potato crop was “not the best”, which led to an increase in the price of potatoes, he told the agency.Prime“Executive Director of the” Investment and Agrarian Fund “Marina Strogaya. “This year is … Read more

"Gazprom" received a debt from Moldova for current payments

MOSCOW, 26 Nov – Gazprom received a debt from Moldova for current payments, the problem has been removed, Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told reporters. At the same time, he noted that the company had every reason to stop gas supplies, but showed goodwill by giving Moldova a delay. “Moldova paid off the current payments. Gazprom … Read more