covid 19 WHO official told Omicron is not more severe than delta variant existing vaccines will work – International news in Hindi

The Omicron variant of the corona virus has raised the concern of many countries of the world. It is being said about this new form of Kovid-19 that it is more contagious. But the World Health Organization has now put an end to all these fears. A top official of the World Health Organization said … Read more

covid 19 omicron varriant fear 100 Back From Abroad Untraceable Near Mumbai delhi Rajasthan Karnataka Gujarat are other states where Omicron cases have been reported – India Hindi News

The fear of the new variant Omicron of Kovid-19 is not over yet. There is apprehension whether now the third wave of Corona is about to come. Meanwhile, it is a matter of great concern that during the last few days, about 100 passengers who reached Maharashtra from abroad have gone missing. Nothing is known … Read more

Corona damages the brain of the unborn child? New research came out about pregnant women

There is news of relief for pregnant women in the era of corona virus. A new research has claimed that the corona virus cannot harm the brain of the baby of pregnant women. According to research,…

Seven more people tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in the state

New cases of Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, have started gaining momentum in India. Seven more cases infected with the Omicron variant have been confirmed in Maharashtra on Sunday. With this, the number of Omicron cases in Maharashtra has increased to eight. This information has been received from the state health department. … Read more

India reports 8895 new Covid cases in last 24 hours 2796 deaths as bihar and kerala clear backlog – India Hindi News

There have been 8 thousand 895 new cases of corona in India on Sunday, after which the total number of cases has increased to 3 crore 46 lakh 33 thousand 255. According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health, the total number of deaths in the last 24 hours stood at 2 thousand … Read more

maharashtra omicron fear 3 people tested positive who comes from high risk country in mumbai

Three more passengers arriving at Mumbai airport from abroad in recent days were found infected with Kovid-19 on Saturday. A civic official gave this information. The government has made RT-PCR test mandatory for people returning from high-risk countries due to concerns over the Omicron nature of the corona virus and since then the number of … Read more

health ministry says there is no evidence about existing vaccines are not effective against covid 19 omicron varriant – India Hindi News

The Union Health Ministry said on Friday that there is no evidence that existing vaccines are not working on Omicron, the new variant of SARS-CoV-2, although some mutations can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines. The ministry, however, mentioned that evidence is awaited about the revamping of the defence. The ministry has released a list … Read more

What are the characteristics of Omicron variant different from Delta? South African doctor gave this answer

The situation regarding the symptoms of the new variant Omicron of the corona virus and other things will gradually become clear in the coming days. After the confirmation of the first case in South Africa, scientists around the world and… .

Omicron enters India central govt appeal to the people don t panic Know 10 Big Things – India Hindi News

In India too, two cases of corona virus infected with the new Omicron variant have been confirmed. Both the cases have been found in Karnataka. In this, one is a South African citizen while the other is an Indian. The South African national has also gone out of the country on 27 November. Meanwhile, the … Read more

How the two cases of Omicron were caught and what is the preparation, the government told in detail

In India too, a new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has knocked. Both these cases have come up in Karnataka. At present, the people who came in contact with both the patients have been identified and are being monitored.

The dispute with the center will increase! Despite the letter from Delhi, the Uddhav government is not ready to change its corona rules

The central government and the Uddhav Thackeray government of Maharashtra have now come face to face with the rules related to Kovid-19. Maharashtra Chief Secretary Debashish Chakraborty has said in a conversation with the media that the state will share its…

omicron: Campaign to accelerate to make variant focused vaccines of coronavirus – India Hindi News

In the midst of the knock of a new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, pharmaceutical companies have started focusing more on manufacturing variant-focused vaccines. Three world famous companies Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have already started work in this direction. Of these, beta and delta vaccines are also in the trial phase. A report published … Read more