Threat of third wave averted! Corona’s active cases are the lowest in one and a half year, only 10 thousand new cases found

The reduction in corona cases has given a big relief even after the relaxation given during the festive season in the country and people coming out fiercely. Due to this relief, the possibility has also been raised that perhaps the third wave of Corona in the country.

Union Health Minister spoke to the states, the last phase of the fight against Corona, do not relax

India’s fight against corona virus is increasing day by day. A day earlier, the country crossed the mark of 110 crore doses of vaccine. Apart from this, to increase the speed of vaccination, the government has started ‘Har Ghar…

Vaccination: India crosses 110 crore doses, UP tops in vaccination

India is making rapid strides in the fight against the corona virus epidemic. India has also crossed the 110 crore mark on Wednesday in the ongoing vaccination campaign against Corona. Recently the country has given 100 crores….

The world has recognized the power of Indian vaccines, 96 countries have given recognition to Covishield and Covaccine

Indian corona vaccines are speaking all over the world. On Tuesday, the country’s Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that 96 countries around the world have recognized the vaccine and Kovishield. Other than this… .

Relief: Half of the world’s population got the first dose of corona vaccine

Half of the world’s population has received the first dose of a vaccine that protects against corona. This is news of relief for the world which has been battling the Corona epidemic for almost two and a half years. According to our world in data, the whole….

PM Modi to review districts with low coverage of corona vaccines, meeting will be held tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is back to work soon after returning to India after attending the G20 summit and COP26. PM Modi will review the districts of the country at 12 noon on Wednesday.

PM Modi gave wrong information to the country in his address, apologise; Congress raised question

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation, the Congress on Friday claimed that Modi has spread confusion by giving wrong information, for which he should apologize to the country. Party spokesperson Gaurav.

Country nears 100 crore vaccination, 100 monuments will be illuminated with tricolor light in honor of Corona Warriors

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is planning to illuminate 100 monuments of the country with tricolor lights in honor of the Corona warriors on the completion of the target of 100 crore vaccinations in the country. Sources….

Seeing the speed of corona vaccination, after IMF, World Bank also admired India, praised fiercely

The war against Corona in India is now at a turning point. Next week the corona vaccination figure in the country will cross 100 crores. From IMF to World Bank surprised to see India’s speed regarding vaccination.

Russia tops 1000 daily covid 19 virus deaths for first time – International News in Hindi

Despite the rapid increase in corona vaccination around the world, the risk of infection is not yet over. For the first time since the start of the Corona epidemic, more than 1000 people have died due to infection in Russia in 24 hours. The easing of Corona restrictions is believed to be the biggest reason … Read more

India set to achieve 100 crore vaccination mark by next week says Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

The corona vaccination campaign in the country is increasing day by day. With this, the number of vaccinations has crossed 97 crores. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that till 7 pm on Thursday, more than 27 lakh doses have been administered across the country. Today was the 272nd day of vaccination. At … Read more

How to get victory over Corona? 25 lakh people did not take second dose of vaccine in Telangana

If you want to win the corona virus, then it is considered necessary for it to be taken care of along with vaccination. For this, vaccination campaign is also being run in the country. Meanwhile, a shocking news surfaced from Telangana.