Boat of migrants going from France to Britain capsizes, 27 killed; Search operation with the help of helicopter continues

A major accident occurred when a boat carrying migrants going from France to Britain capsized. At least 27 people died in this accident. It is being told that this boat fell in the English Channel. French police officers … .

Another big weapon against Corona, the use of ‘Merck’ bullet approved in Britain

Britain has approved the conditional use of the world’s first antiviral pill, believed to be helpful in the successful treatment of Kovid-19. Britain is the first country to consider treatment with this pill suitable, although it is not clear…. .

Fishing rights dispute between Britain and France deepened, accusing each other of violating the trade agreement

The dispute between Britain and France over fishing rights in the ‘English Channel’ has deepened. France has warned to stop British boats and trucks in the coming days, while Britain has also … .

That’s why PM Modi gave a warning! Corona wreaking havoc in Britain and Russia, is unable to escape even the vaccine

In many countries of the world, once again there is an increase in the cases of infection with the corona virus. In Britain, more than 40 thousand cases are being seen every day and in Russia more than 30 thousand Kovid cases are being seen every day. But… .

Over 30 countries Including Britain have agreed on mutual recognition of COVID 19 vaccine certificates with India – International news in Hindi

all over the world now The fight against corona virus continues. Meanwhile, official sources have informed on Thursday that apart from Britain, more than 30 countries have also recognized India’s vaccine certificate. Countries that have recognized this include France, Germany, Nepal, Belarus, Lebanon, Armenia, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary and Serbia, in addition to the UK. Apart … Read more

No quarantine will be required for Indian travelers fully vaccinated with Covishield for travel to UK from October 11: UK High Commissioner – India Hindi News

After getting a befitting reply from India, Britain has now announced to end the condition of quarantine for Indian travelers. Britain said on Thursday that Indian travelers going to the UK will not have to be in quarantine from October 11, taking both doses of Kovidshield or any other vaccine approved by its government. Earlier, … Read more

Covishield recognized but India’s name not in UK list, what is UK saying now

The UK has approved the India-made anti-corona vaccine ‘Kovshield’ by changing its travel rules. But, India is in the list of 17 countries to travel without quarantine.

France america submarines row uk defense ministers meeting canceled

Paris. The differences between the United States and France regarding submarines are deepening. Now the meeting of the defense ministers of France and Britain has been cancelled. In the past, there has been a deal in the US-UK and Australia regarding the security of the Indo-Pacific region, under which America and Britain are going to … Read more

France, EU upset with Biden over Ocus alliance with Australia, UK


Washington. US President Joe Biden’s decision to form a strategic Indo-Pacific alliance with Australia and Britain to counter China has angered France and the European Union (EU). France and the EU feel they have been ignored and are comparing it to the steps taken by former US President Donald Trump. Biden had assured European leaders … Read more