Japan’s Princess Mako marries common boyfriend, had to leave this thing for love

Japan Princess Mako of Akishino is the daughter of Prince Akishino, brother of the current King Naruhito of Japan. She is married to her lover Komuro. (All photos- AP).

Second key suspect arrested in case of violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

An RAB official said that Mandal had said something on Facebook Live, which instigated the violence. At least 70 Hindu houses and shops were torched in the violence that broke out in Peerganj after Mandal posted it on Facebook on October 17. .

People are dying of starvation in North Korea, people are losing their livelihood: Shocking report

The situation in North Korea is very bad. An independent UN investigator said people’s livelihoods were affected there and there was a risk of starvation for children and the elderly. .

Corona became uncontrollable in Russia, 1064 deaths in 24 hours due to infection, highest in Europe

With the death of 1,064 people in Russia on Friday, the total number of people who lost their lives in the country due to the epidemic has increased to 2,28,453, which is the highest in Europe. In view of the worsening situation of Kovid-19 in Russia, President Vladimir Putin has declared a holiday from 30 … Read more

Thailand announces quarantine free travel for 45 countries, know what it means for India

Thailand Quarantine free Travel: Thailand has announced quarantine free entry for 45 countries in view of trying to bring the country’s economy back on track through its tourism sector. .

Myanmar releases more than 5600 prisoners after ASEAN pressure, emotional meeting with loved ones outside jail

Myanmar Free Political Prisoners: Those released include 1,316 convicts and 4,320 people whose trial is pending and the charges against them will be dropped. .

What did the new PM of Japan send to this temple, due to which there was a ruckus in the whole country, China-Korea also got angry

The Chinese and Koreans, who were victims of Japanese invasion in the first half of the 20th century, consider this temple a symbol of Japan’s invasion. Critics see the Japanese prime minister’s move as a sign of no remorse for the country’s war atrocities. .

Record breaking cases of Corona in Russia, 1000 deaths again in 24 hours, administration also helpless

On the previous day, 34,303 new patients of Kovid-19 were detected while a month ago on September 19, 20,174 new cases were reported. On Sunday, 999 Kovid-19 patients died in the country, which is only slightly less than the 1002 deaths on Saturday. .

This is the world’s most scary forest, whatever goes, disappears

Hoya Basu has also been given names like the Bermuda Triangle and the Triangle of Transylvania. The trees in this forest appear horizontal and crooked, which look very scary even in the sun. (All photos- AP).

Corona havoc in Russia: thousand deaths occurred in 24 hours, more than 32 thousand new cases came

The government had told this week that the vaccination of 29% of the population of Russia, ie 43 million people, has been completed. The total population of the country is around 14 crore 50 lakhs. .