Bitcoin latest price: China’s threat threatens bitcoin, ether also falls by 8 percent

The prices of most cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are seeing a fall on Friday. China’s central bank has threatened to crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and bans foreign exchanges serving domestic investors. This caused the price of bitcoin, the country’s largest, oldest, and most popular cryptocurrency, to drop by 4.6 percent. The price of bitcoin fell 4.6 … Read more

Returning strength in the crypto market, the rise in the prices of top cryptocurrencies including bitcoin

Bitcoin, dollar

Most of the major cryptocurrencies looked to move towards stability on Thursday after a weak rally over the past few days. Some cryptocurrencies have seen gains of up to 17 percent as the cryptocurrency market corrects once again. All cryptocurrencies in the top 10 with the exception of stablecoins were trading higher than the previous … Read more