T20 World Cup 2021 IND vs PAK Before the match against India Zomato made fun of PAK cricketers tweet is going viral – Latest Cricket News

The match between India and Pakistan is to be played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium from 7:30 pm today in the ICC T20 World Cup, but before this match, there has already been a war between the fans of both the countries on social media. From former cricketers of India and Pakistan, fans are backing their respective teams and now the food delivery apps of both the countries have also jumped in this special battle. Twitter war broke out between Zomato and Karim Pakistan. This war has already started a day before the match.

It was started by Karim Pakistan, who wrote on Twitter, ‘A chance to eat free and also a chance to win. Order food by 9 PM on Pakistan vs India match day and we will refund your money if Pakistan wins. After this Zomato wrote on Twitter, ‘If Pakistan cricketers want to eat burger pizza, then just direct message us.’ After India defeated Pakistan in the 2019 World Cup, the video of a Pakistan fan who shouted that our players do not care about fitness at all and all burger pizzas a day before the match went viral. were eating.

Karim Pakistan did not like this tweet of Jamato, to which he wrote in response that you do not worry, we will send them burger pizzas after the match and great tea for you.

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