Switzerland has banned the transfer of weapons of its production to Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Federal Council of Switzerland did not approve the petition of the representative of the Liberals Thierry Burkart to ease the rules for the re-export of weapons for the transfer of military aid to Ukraine. The country currently has a ban on re-export.

“In the Federal Council of Switzerland, opinions were divided regarding the transfer of exported military materials to Ukraine. He rejected a motion to soften the declaration of non-exportation,” says in a press release published on the official website of the Swiss Parliament. Burkart petitioned for the lifting of the ban on the re-export of weapons to those countries that share Swiss values. Germany, Spain and Denmark have already applied for re-export to Switzerland, but have been refused.

Switzerland remains in a position of military neutrality. This tradition has been observed in the country for centuries. Switzerland not only does not provide military assistance to other countries, but also does not allow NATO countries to transfer weapons of their production. Nevertheless, Switzerland has offered its services to mediate the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. RT.


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