Swiss neutrality broke down on sanctions. Ukraine is waiting for help in obtaining money for gas transit


Political scientist Zhuravlev said that Switzerland could help Ukraine get Russian money

Russia rejected the candidacy of Switzerland as a representative of Ukraine. The country of watches and bankers was so carried away by anti-Russian sanctions that they did not notice how they had lost their neutral status. Most likely, the Ukrainians expected to enlist help in order to receive Russian money for gas transit. After all, not today, tomorrow, Russians will ask themselves the question: why pay something to those who insult us?

Houses of Switzerland and country flag

Russia refused Switzerland

The Swiss volunteered to represent Ukrainian interests in Russia with the consent of the latter. There were no official requests for quite a long time, but in the end, Swiss diplomats nevertheless asked about the opinion of the Russian side. Ivan Nechaev, Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that Switzerland would not be able to become an intermediary for Ukraine, as it had lost its neutral status.

Switzerland was reminded that it is actively involved in the West’s Russophobic campaign: it joined the illegal sanctions against Russia and froze the assets of Sberbank, and also denied visas to Russian diplomats and experts to travel to the United Nations office. All this bears little resemblance to a neutral position, they believe in Russia.

Switzerland does not help Ukraine very actively, and sometimes it simply refuses to help. For example, the Swiss authorities ignored the request of NATO and did not accept civilian and military Ukrainians wounded during the hostilities. The fact is that after treatment in neutral countries, military personnel must return to duty before a truce. That is, all of them would have to be supported in the country at the expense of local residents, who are unlikely to be happy with this.

Ukraine needs a mediator

Ukraine needed a mediating country not for political negotiations with Russia. Most likely, the Ukrainian side hoped in this way to receive money from the Russian Federation for the same gas transit, suggested Dmitry Zhuravlev, scientific director of the Institute of Regional Problems. Moreover, it was necessary to hurry, because at any moment (and it is surprising that this has not happened so far) the question may arise: “Why do we need to pay the country with which we have a conflict?”

“For this, some third country is simply needed. It is clear why this choice was made: after all, the member countries of the European Union and NATO are clearly not suitable in such a situation, and Switzerland is not included in any of these alliances. Therefore, the Ukrainians hoped that this would be a good decision, ”the political scientist explained to 360.

He recalled that Russian assets – currency, securities and precious metals in foreign banks – are taken away abroad. If Russia goes the same way, the Ukrainian economy will collapse. With the help of Switzerland, Ukraine hoped to avoid such a risk and at the same time not to miss its own: it was emphasized not to take “nasty Russian money”, but to receive it from the hands of the Swiss.

Turkey can always help in negotiations

Images of “unfortunate Ukraine” and “terrible Russia” have been created in the minds of people, Zhuravlev noted. True, now they have gradually begun to fade and individual protesting voices are heard, but the mainstream has still remained the same. It seems that Switzerland, agreeing to the role of an intermediary, is playing the role of not even a Ukrainian, but a “European friend”.

The flock cannot go against the pastor, and even more so an individual ram. I think Switzerland was simply afraid to refuse Ukraine and receive the title of “friend of Russia”. In addition, although the Swiss last fought with Charles the Bold Duke of Burgundy in the 15th century, they and the state itself are very militarized. This is a country of psychosis, in which images of terrible Russia and unfortunate Ukraine are created. The authorities simply accepted the role of intermediaries

Dmitry Zhuravlev.

The political scientist recalled that in the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine there is already an acting mediator – Turkey. Perhaps Hungary could fit into this role, but it will never agree to act on the side of Ukraine. Austria has traditionally been a negotiating facilitator, but now it has enough of its own worries. She counts the losses from her oil games: the country has been earning as an oil hub for years and now can stay on the beans.

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