Swiss city parliament in Bern says yes to controlled cocaine sales

The Bern city council wants a scientific pilot project for the controlled sale of this dangerous and addictive drug. A corresponding vote was passed with a large majority.

The Bern city council supports an attempt to regulate the sale of cocaine. The decisive factor was the motion of the parliamentary group of the “Alternative Left” party. With 43 to 18 votes, the initiative was confirmed by the council colleagues on Thursday. The no votes came from the ranks of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), the FDP and the Evangelical People’s Party (EPP). Some members of the Swiss Social Democratic Party (SP) also voted against the move.

The members of the Green Alliance, the Green Liberals, the Green Free List, the Green Alternative Party, the Labor Party and the Alternative Left Bern voted yes. The AL Bern says the following about the application:

“Cocaine is by no means harmless, but the controlled sale could lead to simplified prevention and better control options. Drugs are consumed, whether they are prohibited or not. Every effort to decriminalize drug use helps the users.”

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The pilot project should also send a signal to other Swiss cities to deal with the topic accordingly. Opponents pointed out that the city “simply had nothing to say on this issue” and that the targeted drug legalization was purely a matter for the higher-level federal government. Social Director Franziska Teuscher from the Green Alliance argued loudly Bern newspaper on the other hand, that “the federal government only made the cannabis pilot projects possible under pressure from the cities”.

The aforementioned cannabis pilot projects have already started in Basel, Zurich and Lausanne. The city of Bern is not expected to follow until autumn 2023.

In May 2019, the Bern city council narrowly rejected an almost identical AL proposal with identical demands. The application failed because of the no of the SP majority at the time, “who first wanted to gain experience with the controlled sale of cannabis”. Now most of the 21 SP MPs voted for the cocaine pilot project.

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