Sweet gifts for Medic’s Day and Builder’s Day were prepared by “Konfael”

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Confael is a whole ever-expanding universe of chocolate gifts and souvenirs. The central place is occupied by corporate presentations. And among them are chocolate souvenirs, sets, compliments for professional holidays.

On June 18, Russia celebrates the Day of the Medical Worker. An updated and supplemented catalog of sweet gifts for this event has already been published on the website www.confael.ru.

They – like all products of the factory – are made only from real chocolate, the recipe of which is confirmed by the All-Russian Research Institute of the Confectionery Industry. Our dear doctors will be pleased to receive as a gift: air soufflé in dark chocolate, marmalade and jelly sweets made from natural juices and decoctions, handmade sweets with fillings from selected nuts and freeze-dried berries, dried fruits, sugar-free berry marshmallows.

The catalog of gifts for Medic’s Day includes stylishly designed sets of sweets with a laconic congratulation “Happy Medical Worker’s Day!” Or “Chocolate Health Complex” — a set of sweets made from lemon jelly marmalade in premium dark chocolate. Or “Soothing Candies” – an airy soufflé in dark chocolate.

For greater expressiveness, you can add a thermometer or an ambulance made of white chocolate, a chocolate postcard, a themed figured chocolate bar to any set of sweets for greater expressiveness.

There are funny sets of sweets in the form of a house-first-aid post, a female paramedic, a package of milk intended for doctors “For Harmfulness”. And much more! You have to look and choose. Better yet, try.

And on August 13, we are waiting for the Builder’s Day. The catalog for this holiday is also ready. In it, in addition to classic sets of handmade sweets and “Assorted”, you will find themed chocolate sculptures – a large construction helmet, installer’s tools (hammer, screwdriver, saw, pliers, adjustable wrench) made of dark chocolate.

Excellent presents for the key partners of the construction company will be candy sets or chocolate “Telegrams” designed in the form of books. It would be nice to fill a vase at the reception in the company’s office with miniature complimentary chocolates with original prints on the wrappers – you can take image ideas from the catalog or offer your own. The equipment of the factory allows you to fulfill any order for individual branding of corporate presentation packaging quickly and efficiently.

And the easiest way to personally verify the quality of Confael products is to open a box of chocolates or unwrap a chocolate bar and feel a slight dizziness from the incredible aroma of fresh cocoa butter obtained from Fino de Aroma beans.


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