Swedish elderly disappears in Cerro Chena de Antofagasta: they found their abandoned vehicle

 Older Swedish man disappears in Cerro Chena de Antofagasta: they found his abandoned vehicle

The older man, 71 years old, of Swedish nationality and domiciled in Canada, contacted during the night with Carabineros, reporting his loss in the sector after trying to return to his vehicle. However, the man’s car was found, in the surroundings of Cerro Chena, with no occupants inside.

This Wednesday night, the disappearance of an older adult of Swedish nationality, in Cerro Chena, Antofagasta region.

According to the background, the older adult managed to contact 133 last night, near 8:30 pm.

According to preliminary information, it would correspond to a 71-year-old subject, of Swedish nationality and residing in Canada.

On that occasion, the man reported that he would be in the Cerro Chena sector. This was communicated to the Ollague Tenancy (F), which immediately formed a search patrol, deploying around the area where the missing person would be, without finding his whereabouts.

Thus, the patrol of the Gope of the police of the commune, as well as the border checkpoints of the communes of Inacaliri, Ascotán, Toconce and Tocorpuri maintain the work of tracking the lost elderly .

To these the Andean section and Calama Fire Department joined, with the aim of speeding up the tasks in an area of ​​255 square kilometers.

The search for the elderly continues

The search extended throughout the night, with the support of the helicopter of the Antofagasta Air Section. Up to now, work continues in the highland area of ​​the province of El Loa.

On the other hand, after noon this Thursday, Carabineros located the vehicle of the elderly, in the vicinity of the Toconce dam, Linzor sector. This was without occupants inside.

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