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Sweden believes that explosions at Nord Stream could have been carried out from a surface vessel


Explosive devices were placed next to the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, according to Hans Livong, associate professor in the field of defense systems at the Swedish Defense Research Institute. He is convinced that the bombs came from a surface vessel.

According to Mr. Livong, the operation could be controlled from one or more ships. “This is not a small precision charge, but a larger one that was placed at the bottom next to the pipes,” he told a local newspaper. expressen.

Swedish prosecutor Mats Jungkvist, who is leading the preliminary investigation, said the incident with the gas pipelines “began to clear up.” He did not provide any details.

In September, pressure dropped sharply at Nord Stream and the uncommissioned Nord Stream 2. Three out of four pipes of gas pipelines were damaged, gas leaks were revealed there. Western countries consider the incident a sabotage, but it is not known who was involved in it. Against this background, the protection of pipelines has been strengthened in Europe. Norway has also decided to strengthen the security of submarine cables.

About the consequences of the explosions – in the material “Kommersant” “Nord Streams will undergo decompression.”

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