SVT: The US will use the war in Gaza to hide the failure in Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The US authorities are using the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has flared up with renewed vigor, to hide the failure in Ukraine. This was reported by SVT.

“The attention of journalists is now focused on what is happening in Israel, and not in Ukraine. And this plays into the hands of the United States, since the Ukrainian conflict has become a major failure for the West,” it is stated in publications on the media website.

Now the Ukrainian Armed Forces troops are almost surrounded by the Russian army in the Avdeevka area. The Russian offensive in this direction is one of the largest in the last year, reports RT. According to Asian analysts, the consequences of a possible defeat here will be fatal for Kyiv. Previously, Biden asked the US Congress for $61.3 billion for Ukraine and another $14.3 billion for Israel. At the same time, the Rada expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of support.


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