Sverdlovsk woman with two disabled children deprived of important benefits

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Parvin from Yekaterinburg has three children: two daughters and a son. Both daughters are diagnosed with mental retardation. At the end of October, the term of the individual program for the provision of social services (IPPSS) expired for children. Girls received assistance from the state free of charge. According to the new standards, a family with two special children has cut the amount of social assistance from 25 hours a month to four. An appeal to the Ministry of Social Policy turned out to be fruitless. Parvin herself told URA.RU about this.

“We have three children in our family. The eldest son is 16 years old, as well as two daughters: 13 years old and 8. My daughters are special – they have mental retardation. Children have 1 disability group. At the end of October, the period of the individual program for the provision of social services ended for children. I turned to the department of social policy in Yekaterinburg and asked to do the same IPPSU, but I received a different program, because of which the children were left without most of the social services. They refused me to receive the previous package of social services, and even in a rude way, ”says Parvin.

The woman decided to achieve a full list of services for her daughters. Parvin intends to appeal to the prosecutor’s office. “I sincerely do not understand why my children were cut off the list of services. My daughters used to be engaged in the full program, and, accordingly, there was progress. We cannot pay for all the specialists, there is no such money. And in general, my children fit all the criteria for a full range of services, but we were refused. I consider this decision of social policy illegal. I will seek justice for my children, I will complain to the prosecutor’s office, ”said a Yekaterinburg woman with many children.

The I am Special Foundation told URA.RU that Parvin’s daughters had previously received a full package of IPPSU. “The children were visited by a psychologist, a speech therapist, a defectologist in the full required amount. Services have now been cut. The new list does not correspond to the volume of services that children need. We are consulting with a lawyer to help resolve the situation in favor of the family,” the organization said.

The editors of the agency sent an official request to the Ministry of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region. At the time of publication, no response had been received. URA.RU wrote that parents (guardians) of children with disabilities in the region found information on the development of a three-level standard on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy of the region. The project was deprived of 24 types of important social services.

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