Sverdlovsk taxi drivers called the top 5 unbearable passengers

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Employees of taxi services in Yekaterinburg named five types of the most annoying passengers whom they would not agree to carry even for a double price. Among them are drunk and very talkative townspeople, obsessive connoisseurs, clients with quirks and others. Taxi drivers with many years of experience Vladimir and Artem told URA.RU about all types of annoying passengers and about who is more pleasant to carry – men or women.

During their careers, they managed to work on different tariffs – from Economy to Business – and at all they met dubious passengers who ordered a car in the application or caught passing transport. They agreed that annoying people are most often caught in the morning or at night. During these periods, drivers are ready for anything, but they hope that they can manage their shift without the most unpleasant customers. They made the following list:

Fifth place. “Cologne Fans”

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Taxi drivers noted that too strong colognes are not acceptable for all passengers

Taxi drivers gave the last top spot to people who use too much perfume and cologne. Drivers believe that it is acceptable when a person comes to the office, where there is a lot of space and ventilation. However, getting into a car with such smells, according to taxi drivers, is inappropriate.

“Not to say that these are the most terrible people. Some even have a pleasant, albeit too strong aroma, but some are something. They will buy the cheapest perfume and douse it from head to toe. Honestly, once even in the eyes darkened. If it’s summer, it’s okay: I opened the window, and no problem. But in winter it is torture, ”Vladimir shared.

Fourth place. “Annoying Wise Men”

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Annoying “wise men” indicate how to pass the route

Taxi drivers admitted that they are annoyed by passengers who undertake to indicate how to drive a car correctly, which road is better to drive and explain the rules of the road. Oddly enough, these are quite common, notes Artem. “They do not think that the taxi driver is also a person, a professional. Moreover, they also teach traffic rules, although they themselves do not have rights, but they have seen enough experts in their programs. If such a person gets into the car, gundezh is provided all the way, ”Artyom said.

Third place. “Kings of the World”

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Some passengers do not consider taxi drivers as people

Rounding out the top three annoying passengers are overconfident customers who believe they are right in every situation. “There is nothing to say about them. Apparently, they can’t command at home, they get into the car, and the gentleman turns on: “take this road, the views are more beautiful there. So what if the navigator shows you, I pay you money, ”Artyom was indignant.

According to him, the most annoying thing about these passengers is that they do not believe that they should observe the norms of decency. “You won’t hear any ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ from them. He is the king of the world, who is used only to pushing around. And it would be nice to pay well. But no – there are, as a rule, such people at the Economy, ”complained Artem.

Second place. “Men in an interesting state”

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Drunk passengers sometimes get into the car with alcohol
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According to Vladimir, drunk passengers are the most unpleasant guests in the car. You can expect anything from them: from dirt in the cabin to assault. “I hate driving drunk, so I try not to take orders from nightclubs and bars. But on Friday evening or on Saturday night there is no other way out. Almost everyone sits down in one or another “interesting” state. A couple of times I had, I’m sorry, a sick interior, sometimes passengers even got into a fight, and the smell in the cabin after their breath is very uncomfortable in front of the next client. After such an order, I try to open all the doors for at least a couple of minutes and ventilate thoroughly, ”admitted Vladimir.

He emphasized that situations are different, but most often it is possible to calm the client. “If I see that an openly aggressive type has sat down, then I try not to keep the conversation going, I say that there is video surveillance in the salon. It works with those who ride in the Comfort, but driving a drunk in the Economy is like a lottery. Anything can happen. At the same time, men are definitely more logical and understanding,” Vladimir is sure.

First place. “Party Girlfriends”

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Drunk girls getting into a taxi often behave indecently, said Vladimir
Photo: Ekaterina Sychkova © URA.RU

“A completely separate type of enraged passengers are party girls. These are not men for you, they are unpredictable, illogical and capable of anything. As a rule, these are two or three girls from 18 to 25 years old in appearance. They ordered a car from the bar at night (most often they mixed up the point of delivery and blamed you for this), ”Vladimir shared.

He stressed that such passengers always behave very noisily and do not respond to persuasion to calm down. “I don’t know what they are fed there, but I am very happy when I bring the company of girls without incident. There was a case that they climbed to hug right during the movement. I was driving at speed, and they were attacked by an attack of tenderness. He immediately stopped and waited for them to get angry – in this state they are quieter. The only plus is that they often leave good tips, ”summed up Vladimir.

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