Sverdlovsk State Duma deputy urged to crush Ukrainian “scum” after the attack on the Bryansk region

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Ukrainian saboteurs attacked the Bryansk region

For the attack of Ukrainian saboteurs on the Bryansk region, it is necessary to severely punish the establishment of Ukraine in the person of President Vladimir Zelensky. State Duma deputy from the Sverdlovsk region Maxim Ivanov shared this opinion with a URA.RU correspondent.

“The events in the Bryansk region demonstrate that the Kiev regime has finally turned into a banal terrorist organization, has risen on the same level as ISIS* (ISIS, ISIS is recognized as an international terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation). I can’t imagine what kind of peace talks, even theoretically, can be discussed with these scumbags who are now in power. All this caudal … Zelensky, Reznikov, Budanov, Podolyak and others – to crush the scum without mercy. Without the slightest sympathy and looking back at the “progressive” West. Zelensky and Co. are no longer politicians or military leaders. These are terrorists. The Baltics are the “enlightened West,” the United States is the sponsors of terrorism,” State Duma deputy Ivanov told the agency’s journalist.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, reported on the penetration of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs into the region. They fired on the car. One person died and a child was injured.

*The Islamic State Organization (ISIL, IS) is recognized as an international terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation.

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