Sverdlovsk schoolchildren will be taught military training during life safety

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Initial military training courses (CMP) in Sverdlovsk schools will be held as part of life safety lessons from September 1. This was announced by the Vice-Mayor of Yekaterinburg Ekaterina Sibirtseva during a conversation with reporters.

“Courses [начальной военной подготовки], as far as I understand, will be introduced as part of the teaching of the subject of life safety. There is a classroom and extracurricular part (military training for students in grade 10), ”a URA.RU correspondent quotes Sibirtsev from the scene.

She noted that the teachers at the lesson part of the NVP will be OBZH teachers, she did not mention the invitation to this position of third-party specialists. Courses should start on September 1st.

Information about the introduction of NVP in Sverdlovsk schools appeared in October 2022. According to representatives of DOSAAF, children will be taught how to handle weapons in the fourth or fifth cash desk.


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