Sverdlovsk residents, who do not have water, are dissatisfied with the organization of the supply. Screenshots

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Residents of Sredneuralsk (Sverdlovsk region), left without water due to the failure of the pump of one of the wells, are dissatisfied with the organization of the supply of water. Middle Ural residents continue to speak out on social networks about the problem in the city.

“It turns out that water will be brought only to those who have not had it for more than a day? We had water today, but yellow and with sediment. It turns out that no one will bring us anything? And you need to run further to the store for water? ”Tatiana writes.

The city administration published an announcement on the VKontakte social network, which says that water supply is organized to medical institutions, kindergartens and apartments, the residents of which reported to the control room about more than a day’s interruption in the supply of cold water. Many residents have wondered about this. “The mayor’s office doesn’t know where to supply water? All over the city, a donut with a hole in the faucet. They probably just now found out about the problem? And only today we decided to organize transportation for the municipalities,” Yulia wrote.

Many residents write that they cannot get through to the dispatch service. “Finally, they moved. Just tell me, how can I get through to the control room if it’s always busy?” Tatyana asks. Most likely the line is busy due to the high volume of calls.

The correspondent of URA.RU sent a request to the mayor’s office of Sredneuralsk, in which he asked to comment on the dissatisfaction of the residents and tell how things are going with the repair of the pump. At the time of publication, no response had been received.

Earlier, Sverdlovsk residents complained that they could not wash and wash things for several days due to the cold water being turned off. The water that is sometimes included is most often dirty, unsuitable for washing. Eyewitnesses post videos of the aftermath of the communal collapse. After that, the prosecutor’s office of Verkhnyaya Pyshma organized an audit of the implementation of legislation in the field of housing and communal services in the city district.

Announcement on the organization of water supply

Comments from residents from various communities
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