Sverdlovsk residents in Turkey told how the country is experiencing the consequences of the earthquake


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Powerful earthquake hits Turkey

Earthquake victims in southeastern Turkey are being housed in hotels in nearby towns, many being brought there in their pajamas. Locals are gathering en masse and collecting essentials, and gardens, schools and universities across the country are closed until March 1. A family from Yekaterinburg, who moved to Antalya a year ago, told URA.RU about what is happening now in Turkey.

“There is an atmosphere of unity in the country, many help points were immediately opened, where people donate essential items. They are then sent to the disaster zone. Cash collections are open both among foreigners and locals, ”the interlocutor shared.

In local chats they write that the victims are brought and placed in hotels in the suburbs of Antalya, this is offered by the owners themselves. People arrive in their pajamas, without anything, as they ran out of the house at night. Public schools, kindergartens and universities in Antalya and other cities were closed for holidays, first for a week, then the holidays were extended for another week. Only private kindergartens were allowed to work. Students were transferred to distance learning in order to free up a hostel for the victims.

“In disaster areas, vacations have been introduced until March 1. As far as I know, residents of the affected regions are prohibited from returning to their homes, as there is a risk of collapse. At my friends’ relatives’ house went through the cracks. I don’t watch TV, but my friends say that there is only one topic – wonderful stories of saving people who are pulled out from the rubble after 3.5 6 days, ”the interlocutor continues to share.

Builders are massively detained, who, as it turned out, erected objects in violation of urban planning rules. On February 12, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said that the Turkish Armed Forces had put on the wanted list more than 100 people suspected of violating the rules of building houses that collapsed as a result of the earthquake. “I don’t know how this is solved in other countries, but, as far as I understand, all heads will roll here, regardless of status,” the interlocutor notes.

An earthquake struck Turkey on February 6. Tremors of magnitude 7.4 were recorded at 05:17 Moscow time on February 6. A more powerful earthquake occurred on the same day, with an intensity of 7.8 points. It is known that earthquakes with an epicenter in Turkey were felt by citizens of 16 countries of the world. On the night of February 12, the number of earthquake victims reached 24,617 people.

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