Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health is preparing a personnel reserve of managers

The Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region is forming a personnel reserve for senior positions in medical organizations. Responsibility for the implementation of this task is assigned to the Ural Institute of Health Management named after A.B. Blokhin. The corresponding document is at the disposal of URA.RU.

“In order to implement the personnel policy, develop and implement an effective management system for medical organizations of the state healthcare system of the Sverdlovsk region, as well as ensure the efficiency of selection, timely prompt appointment of heads of medical organizations to vacant positions, motivation for career growth of promising employees, and improvement of the quality of the management team, I order the director GAU DPO “Ural Institute of Health Management named after A.B. Blokhin” to organize a survey of specialists with higher medical education. Based on the results of the survey, conduct a special assessment of managerial competencies,” the document states.

After that, the regional Ministry of Health appointed a person responsible for the implementation of the order. “Create and submit a list of applicants for inclusion in the personnel reserve at the Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region by July 1, 2023. Control over the execution of this order shall be entrusted to Deputy Minister Andrey Shastin, ”the document says.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that problems with personnel in the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health arose a long time ago. And we are talking not only about medical personnel, but also about management. Some sources of the agency stated that the current minister Andrei Karlov is not opposed to leaving his post, but cannot do this – there are no applicants for his place.

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