Sverdlovsk economist Kalugin revealed where it is better to invest in 2023

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The best investment in 2023 is the purchase of federal loan bonds (OFZ). In addition, investing in gold is currently not worth it. Sverdlovsk economist Vitaly Kalugin told a URA.RU correspondent about this.

“It is better to invest in OFZ on the horizon of 1-2 years. Even though 10-year papers are now trading at around 10.5% per annum, if their rate starts to decline, then these papers can rise in price by 20%. If they do not grow, the depositor will have to stay in bonds a little longer,” said Vitaly Kalugin. The average forecast for the yield of federal loan bonds is 10% per annum, do not forget about the VAT collection at the end of the transaction.

When comparing the investment of funds at interest in banks and OFZ – in the first case, the average annual income will be 6-7%. The economist believes that it is more profitable and also safe to invest in the guaranteed yield of government securities.

The interlocutor of the agency also warned against thinking about investing in gold. In his opinion, the current rate of the precious metal (5.2 thousand rubles per gram) is too high, and it is not worth expecting its growth to the March 2022 figures of 8 thousand rubles. “When the rate was 3.2-3.4 thousand rubles, I said that you can speculate, but on the stock exchange. I feel that at that time few people listened to this, ”complains Kalugin.

Earlier, the economist urged not to invest in foreign currency, as it is already too late. He is confident that the current dollar will not be able to rise against the ruble to the old figures of 100-110 rubles.

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