Suspected of murdering a Mexican woman in Peru uploaded videos with human organs to TikTok

 Suspected of murdering a Mexican woman in Peru uploaded videos with human organs to TikTok

The alleged murderer of the Mexican woman uploaded videos where most it came with a “sensitive content” warning due to the biological material it was handling.

In search of finding the profile of the suspect in the murder of the Mexican Blanca Arellano, Mexican and Peruvian media ended up highlighting a social network account of the alleged perpetrator of the crime, which stood out for having as content different videos with organs allegedly humans.

According to Excelsior, Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte, who had a virtual relationship with Arellano and was the reason why the Mexican woman traveled to Peru , published on TikTok different images in which he manipulates organs.

The images, the portal says, were recorded seven years ago.Likewise, the 37-year-old man had multiple videos on his account labeled “sensitive content”, where he also talked about illnesses and sang.

Said page, which already is not available on the platform, it had extremely crude videos where you could see from a stomach to a human brain, according to the medium, facts that justified by showing the human anatomy.

The disappearance of Arellano

Arellano’s case shocked Peruvian society, and on Tuesday the Justice ordered nine months in preventive detention for Juan Pablo Villafuerte, the main suspect in the femicide, who also faces charges for human trafficking and organ trafficking. strong>

The prosecutor’s thesis maintains that this man, 37 years old and a medical student, is linked to the disappearance and death of the Mexican citizen with whom, apparently, he had a sentimental relationship .

The 51-year-old woman came to Peru to meet Villafuerte. After that, both would have lived together in an apartment in the city of Huacho, located in the department of Lima.

Arellano’s relatives reported his disappearance on November 7, two days before the police found human remains on a beach in this town.

Then, his body was found in pieces, with erased fingerprints and no face, on the you’re from the city.

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