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Sushil Kumar will have to break the bread of jail, will not get special diet

Wrestler Sushil Kumar, accused of killing wrestler Sagar Dhankar, has been rejected by the jail, treating him like a common accused, and his appeal to provide special diet in the jail. Sushil had sought a protein diet and supplements to be provided in the jail, which was turned down by the court saying that the diet of every prisoner is already taken care of as per the prison rules.


  • Court turns down Sushil Kumar’s demand for special diet
  • The appeal stated that he wanted to continue the career
  • For this he will need supplements and special diet.
  • The court rejected the questions and appeals raised about the career

New Delhi: Wrestler Sushil Kumar, who became special for the country by winning a medal twice in the Olympics, remained common in the eyes of the law. His demand to be provided with supplements and special food inside the jail was turned down by the court. Describing the right to equality as a fundamental element of the Constitution, the court observed that the application did not provide any sound statutory basis for the demand. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Satveer Singh Lamba said in the order that it was stated in the application filed by the applicant that he wanted to continue his career further. Claimed that supplements and special diet are necessary for his physical strength and physique.

Court raised questions on appeal
The court gave many more arguments behind the rejection of Sushil Kumar’s application. As he is saying that he has to pursue his career in wrestling. But it did not say which are the competitions for which he has been selected. Relied on the arguments of the jail authority that all the accused are given food as per the rules of the jail and without any discrimination, Kumar will also be given a balanced and healthy diet.

everyone is taken care of
The court specifically noted that the Delhi Prison Rules, 2018 have taken care of the daily essential nutrients, quantity and equitable sources of protein for a person. Of course, the prison administration is statutorily bound to follow those rules without hesitation. The court noted that the wrestler has also not claimed any deficiency in it, which means that he is being given balanced and healthy food. The medical report was also taken into consideration, according to which Kumar did not have any such disease for which he needed food supplement and special food. The application was filed through advocates Pradeep Rana, Kumar Vaibhav and Satwik Mishra. It said Kumar takes supplements like Isolate Whey Protein, Omega-3 Capsules, Joint Capsules, Pre-Workout C4, Multivitamins etc. Refusal to provide these essentials will have a negative impact on a player’s career, as specific nutritional diets and supplements are vital to maintaining their health and performance.

law equal for all
Referring to the Constitution, the court said that according to the law all persons are equal irrespective of caste, religion, sex, class etc. Right to equality is the basic element of the constitution. Which means the rule of justice. It also means not giving special facilities to any person on the basis of his position, status, whether he is poor or rich. Law should be the same for all and should be implemented equally. The one who likes should be treated equally. With these observations, the court said that the specific food and supplement being sought is only related to the choice and desire of the accused and is not in any way necessary for him.


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